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    8.0 (6) provides a new spin on the traditional social media platform that allows users to share videos of themselves lip syncing to their favorite songs. In the social media landscape, finding a unique niche means walking a careful balance between finding a purpose that's not already fulfilled and a purpose that's appealing enough to have long term staying power. first started in China in 2014, but it's since expanded throughout the world and become a sensation among a largely younger audience throughout the western world. But as is often the case with social media platforms, the users have taken the basic technology available to them and morphed it into something else entirely. The fifteen second limitation has become a vehicle for aspiring creatives to develop a wide range of different micro performances varying from comedy sketches to live musical performances to virtual journals.

If it seems like an app targeted at younger audiences, that's because it is. Similarly to Snapchat, the limited duration of is ideal for viewers who prefer their media in short bursts. Major musicians like Selena Gomez have already started to release their music on the platform, and it could conceivably become a meaningful new venue for discovering new artists.

But while fills a unique and completely underserved market in the social media landscape, platforms like these live and die on their features and user interface. Users are typically looking for a platform that does something new while offering the comfortable navigation functions they're familiar with and a whole host of familiar features. fortunately sticks the landing on that front. The design will seem familiar to anyone who's interacted with Instagram, and users can customize their platform with a range of different colors. Once you start to dig into the app, you'll find a wide variety of options available to you. The front page automatically presents you with a smart interface that connects you with videos in your geographic region, but there's also an intuitive search function that helps you search out the type of videos that interest you.

Best of all, the process of creating your own videos is easily and placed front and center. All you have to do is pick a song that interests you from the database and start recording. Anyone who's used the camcorder function on their phone's camera should figure out the basics in a matter of minutes. The editing functions are simple but versatile. These help you improve the look of your video and also spruce it up with a number of different options like filters and effects. Also integrated into the interface is a chat function you can use to connect with other users.

While's audience may be limited, it's still a fun little social media app, and it's one designed to help you get recording right away.


  • Allows you to create fun and engaging videos with little to no experience
  • A huge library of songs to choose from


  • Targeted to a very specific (and young) demographic
  • Short duration of videos can be creatively limiting

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